IPL-13 edition

IPL-13 edition is almost certain to be a out of India .The race for the event is between these two countries

IPLThe Indian board is awaiting an officially announcement regarding the ICC T20 World Cup but sources have completed

there homework regarding the BCCI’s IPL event and are expected to be announced soon.

Some special things releated to IPL-13 edition

  • BCCI is waiting for the announcement of the World  Cup

  • With the cancellation of the T20 World Cup , the path will be easier

  • BCCI will choose the country where conditions are best

Lets’s know about IPL-13 edition

Now that some countries have taken steps towards playing cricket , the BCCI is also encouraged to host the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League and the BCCI is fully serious about the IPL .

BCCI official’s statement said about this IPL edition

The BCCI official said that as UAE and Sri Lanka , BCCI has preffered venue for the event in 2 countries

and will soon announce the final name of which country is destined for the IPL.

He said that our original idea and effort was to organize IPL in India but due to coronavirus it is no longer possible now that the tournament will be held in UAE or Sri Lanka.

He said that we have yet to take a final decision regarding the organizing country , but the chances are full that the 13th edition

will be held outside India circumstances in India do not looking such that all the teams can be assembeled in one or two cities.

Although the matches could have been held in close doors ,

but this would not be true for the safety of the players and general public

The official said that there is a competition between Sri Lanka and UAE for the IPL-13 edition event

but it will have to be seen that in which country the situation is better in terms of coronavirus ,

it will have to wait , overall it will be decided soon.

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